An incredible Tuttle Bottoms Monster account

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A recent investigation into the Tuttle Bottoms Monster long rumored to be stalking about the creek northwest of Harrisburg has inspired an Eldorado reader to share a personal account with the beast.

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Animal researcher and founder of the Shadows of the Shawnee organization Virgil Smith says he has a theory on the Tuttle Bottoms Monster, also apparently referred to locally as the Mo Mo Monster.

The beast has been reported in the Tuttle Bottoms area northwest of Harrisburg for generations. General descriptions involve a hairy humanoid creature that sometimes stands on two legs, sometimes on four, of varying sizes and that sometimes features an anteater-like snout.

When the story ran this week it provoked an incredible response from an Eldorado reader who claims to have had more than one encounter with the beast. The reader has asked her name and those of her friends to not be published. Here is her account:

Me and two of my friends have had many encounters with the tuttle bottom monster personally. Everyone thought we were making it up and then finally someone else believes it. It happened on or near the bridge on that road. It seemed to get annoyed or interested in us, we would flash our lights on and off and honk the horn and yell. The description we all saw was a cat like creature way over 6 foot, but that is just a guess by when it was in the road behind us and seeing the shape of it. I say cat like because its ears is like a cats pointing upward. The hands had long &amp;quot;fingers i guess you would say&amp;quot; it sort of looked somewhat like what people assume the wolfman looks like but different in a way. It was often spotted by us down by the water in the creek. The creature goes on both four legs and two legs and can run on either. One of the times it came behind us from out of the woods and when it got near the middle of the road it stood on its hind legs... thats when we saw how huge it was. Then ran off into the woods making a huge leap when it got near the woods once again. We all have also seen its eyes that glow like an animal&amp;#39;s, but for some reason it was not the orange/yellow glow like a deer or something, it was more white with a blue tint to it. It also has followed us after the spotting when we lost track of it... we drove slow down the road and stopped to try to spot it and we heard a noise and then the blue eyes far into the woods near us once again. This is no normal animal, it seems intelligent, it thinks and is very fast. I also believe that it can climb. there are a few times when were out there and we would hear something in the trees... to big to be a bird and we once again would see the eyes. The other thing about the eyes they seemed to glow even when not even having a light near it. After we saw it about the third time we done research to try to find something that even resembles it and never been able find an image of a creature that matches just right... like the wolfman was the closest but its face was somewhat human... it did not have a large snout from what we saw and its arms and legs are longer than a humans but the basic shape is human like. I have no idea but it seemed like it was drawn to us, we have had many friends that have gone the same night and many times and never see anything or if they do I believe it is fake because it is nothing like what we three saw many times. Our name for it is the tuttle bottom pussy since it resembles a cat. This was all a few years ago. we have feared going back. but after this we may go back and see if we can draw it out again. We are more than willing to talk to you if you would like, we are not crazy, dont do drugs or drink that we could of been imagining things and unlike most people we have had many eyewitness accounts on the creature and have been near 20 feet away from it and it seems to come in interest or anger when you bother it enough. Thank you for reading this and investigating something that I have been wondering what it is for years since the first sighting.

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