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Track season opens at Murphysboro

Boys, girls finish third; Aiden Jany wins three events

  • Chester's Aiden Jany won three events at the first meet of the 2022 track and field season -- the 100-meter, 400, and 100 hurdles. His points helped the YellowJacket boys finish third at the Murphysboro Open Meet Thursday, March 17.

    Chester's Aiden Jany won three events at the first meet of the 2022 track and field season -- the 100-meter, 400, and 100 hurdles. His points helped the YellowJacket boys finish third at the Murphysboro Open Meet Thursday, March 17.
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updated: 3/29/2022 4:31 PM

The Chester High School boys and girls track and field teams competed in their first meets of the season Thursday, March 17, at the Murphysboro Open Meet. Both teams finished in third place and brought home a combined seven first-place performances.

CHS senior Aiden Jany earned three of those winning titles by finishing first in the 100-meter dash, the 400-meter run and the 100-meter hurdles. Seniors Jacob Cowell and Hannah Blechle had the best pole vaults in their respective events.

Jasmine Merideth won the 100-meter hurdles; and Hannah Blechle, Gianna Eggemeyer, Merideth, and Kailyn Absher turned in the best time in the Girls 4x200-meter relay.

Murphysboro won the boys division with 95.5 points, followed by Nashville (53), Chester (43.5), Sparta (24), McLeansboro-Hamilton County (22) and Johnston City (21).

Murphysboro also took first in the girls division with 94 points, followed by McLeansboro-Hamilton County (64), Chester (48) and Sparta (37).

Individual results are as follows:



Boys: Aiden Jany, Chester (1st, 10.94); William Schuwerk, Chester (12th, 11.87)

Girls: Paige Vasquez, Chester (5th, 14.02); Camrynn Howie, Chester (9th, 14.52); Amanda Kennon, Chester (17th, 15.86); Desirae Dockey, Hamilton County (1st, 13.09)


Boys: Will Schuwerk, Chester (2nd, 24.67); Geoffrey Haupt, Murphysboro (1st, 22.82)

Girls: Desirae Dockey, Hamilton County (1st, 27.40); Camrynn Howie, Chester (8th, 33.20); Amanda Kennon, Chester (9th, 33.51)


Boys: Aiden Jany (1st, 52.45)

Girls: Saylor Brown, Hamilton County (1st, 1:09.56); Bethany Baughman, Chester (1:29.20)


Boys: Brody Meyer, Nashville (1st, 2:14); Jacob Handel, Chester (2nd, 2:16)

Girls: Maddie Karcher, Hamilton County (1st); Madi Kribs, Chester (7th, 3:19); Josalynn Anaya, Chester (8th, 3:25)

1600-meter (1-Mile) Run

Boys: Brayden Hunter, Nashville (1st, 5:17.79); Blake Farmer, Chester (4th, 5:31.87)

Girls: Maddie Karcher, Hamilton County (1st, 6:12.57); Maria Nickel, Chester (6th, 7:24.15)

3200-meter (2-Mile) Run

Boys: Ostin Hobeck, Nashville (1st, 12:18.29) (No Chester entry)

Girls: Annabeth Melchor-Alvarez, Murphysboro (1st, 16:50.56); (No Chester entry)

300-meter hurdles

Boys: Kaden Shields, Murphysboro (1st, 44.94); Jacob Cowell, Chester (3rd, 47:39)

Girls: Sydney Maynor, Murphysboro (1st, 57.77); Maleia Absher, Chester (3rd, 1:03.35)

100-meter hurdles

Boys: Aiden Jany, Chester (1st, 10.94); Will Schuwerk, Chester (12th, 11.87)

Girls: Jasmine Merideth, Chester (1st, 21.16)

4x100-meter relay

Boys: Murphysboro (1st, 45.53); Chester (4th, 47.45, Jacob Cowell, Isaac Jany, Aiden Jany, and Will Schuwerk)

Girls: (No Chester entry)

4x200-meter relay

Boys: (No Chester entry)

Girls: Chester (1st, 2:01.12, Hannah Blechle, Gianna Eggemeyer, Jasmine Merideth, and Kailyn Absher)

4x400-meter hurdles

Boys: Murphysboro (1st, 3:49); Chester (3rd, 3:57, Lannin Caron, Jacob Handel, Garret Hopkins, and Blake Farmer)

Girls: Murphysboro (1st, 4:36.69); Chester (2nd, 4:57.11, Hannah Blechle, Jasmine Merideth, Madi Kribs, and Gianna Eggemeyer)

4x800-meter relay

Boys: (No Chester entry)

Girls: Murphysboro (1st, 11:30); Chester (4th, 13:27.43, Madi Kribs, Josalynn Anaya, Bethany Baughman, and Maria Nickel)


Shot Put

Boys: Eli Coop, Sparta (1st, 40'11"); Isaac Jany, Chester (3rd, 40'5"); Jonathan Renfroe, Chester (20th, 29'7.25")

Girls: Kayla Brown, Sparta (1st, 38'11"); Kailyn Absher, Chester (4th, 31'5"); Emma Eggemeyer, Chester (7th, 28'4"); Briley Miles, Chester (9th, 26'4"); and Rylie Conley, Chester (14th, 20'11")


Boys: Kevin Hale, Murphysboro (1st, 131'3"); Isaac Jany, Chester (2nd, 98'1"); Jonathan Renfroe, Chester (21st, 77'6"); and Jacob Cowell, Chester (23rd, 70'3")

Girls: Kayla Brown, Sparta (1st, 98'8"); Briley Miles, Chester (2nd, 77'10"); Alyssa Seymour, Chester (7th, 62'6"); and Rylie Conley, Chester (13th, 49'9")

High Jump

Boys: Tyreek Feggins, Murphysboro (1st, 5'4"); Cooper Eggemeyer, Chester (2nd, 5'2"); and Lannin Caron, Chester (7th, 4'8")

Girls: Abby Cook, Murphysboro (1st, 4'10"); Mabry Wingerter, Chester (Tied 3rd, 4'6");

Pole Vault

Boys: Jacob Cowell, Chester (1st, 10'6")

Girls: Hannah Blechle, Chester (1st, 7'6")

Long Jump

Boys: Kevin Hale, Murphysboro (1st, 20'2"); Cooper Eggemeyer, Chester (7th, 18'6"); Will Schuwerk, Chester (14th, 16'0")

Girls: Desirae Dockery, Hamilton County (1st, 15'1"); Paige Vasquez, Chester (Tied 3rd, 13'4"); Mabry Wingerter, Chester (5th, 13'1.5"); Gianna Eggemeyer, Chester (Tied 7th, 12'11")

Triple Jump

Boys: Tyreek Feggins, Murphysboro (1st, 40'2"); Cooper Eggemeyer, Chester (4th, 34'0")

Girls: Abby Cook, Murphysboro (1st, 31'9"); Paige Vasquez, Chester (2nd, 28'5")

The Chester home meet scheduled for Thursday, March 24, had to be postponed or canceled due to cold, wet weather. On Friday, April 1, the YellowJackets and Lady Jackets will travel to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, for the annual Old Settlement Invitational Meet.

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