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Prep Wrestling: Bulldogs score trio of wrestling wins

  • Bryant Lester works to pin his West Frankfort opponent in recent match action.

    Bryant Lester works to pin his West Frankfort opponent in recent match action.
    JEFF JONES | For The Register

Staff Report
updated: 1/31/2022 7:54 AM

Late last week, Harrisburg picked up a 45-36 win over Carmi-White County and a 54-24 victory over Centralia.
In the win over CWC, Josh Stewart, Bryant Lester, Avery Henderson, Tony Keene, Parker Clarida, Briar Butler, Sebastian Brown and Trentn Price all had victories.
Against Centralia, Josh Stewart, Brendan Hicks, Bryant Lester, Javier Horton, Parker Clarida, Tony Keene, Briar Butler, Sebastian Brown and Aaron Mulligan all had wins over the Orphans.
Also last week, Harrisburg picked up a 40-39 win over BEN at home, where Tony Keene, Briar Butler, Parker Clarida , Walker Dale, Brendan Hicks, Bryant Lester and Jakorey Mann all picked up victories for the Bulldogs.
Keene had a first period pin fall over BEN's Elias Walker, while Clarida's win came via forfeit. Butler got a 3-point win over Alex Jones, while Walker Dale had a first period pin fall victory over Collin Hill.
Hicks picked up a DQ victory over Wyatt Upton in the 182-pound category, while Lester and Mann each had first period pin fall wins.
In the other match of the triangular, Harrisburg lost to West WF 60-21.
Brendan Hicks pinned Brandon Turner, while Bryan Lester picked up a win over A Joyner. Tony Keene earned a pin fall over Andrew Miller and Briar Butler had a 5-3 decision win in the 126-pound weight class.

Harrisburg (HBG) 45.0 Carmi (CWC) (CARMI) 36.0
170: Josh Stewart (HBG) over ANDREW DODGSON (CARMI) (Dec 7-2) 182: ISAAC KING (CARMI) over Brendan Hicks (HBG) (Fall 1:41) 195: Bryant Lester (HBG) over Konnor Buchanan (CARMI) (Fall 0:25) 220: NELSON RIDER (CARMI) over Jakorey Mann (HBG) (Fall 2:54) 285: TITUS WOOD (CARMI) over Javier Horton (HBG) (Fall 1:09) 106: Avery Henderson (HBG) over (CARMI) (For.) 113: Tony Keene (HBG) over (CARMI) (For.) 120: Parker Clarida (HBG) over MATT WILSON (CARMI) (DQ) 126: Briar Butler (HBG) over BECK HUFF (CARMI) (Fall 2:48) 132: Sabastian Brown (HBG) over Noah Pollard (CARMI) (Fall 1:17) 138: TRENTON BELFORD (CARMI) over Cody Gunter (HBG) (Fall 1:12) 145: CODY MERCER (CARMI) over Aaron Mulligan (HBG) (Fall 0:54) 152: CALEB SIEBERS (CARMI) over Rayne Jerrell (HBG) (Fall 5:29) 160: Trentn Price (HBG) over (CARMI) (For.)

Harrisburg (HBG) 54.0 Centralia (CHS) 24.0
160: Noah Morris (CHS) over Trentn Price (HBG) (Fall 1:06) 170: Josh Stewart (HBG) over Camari Selvey (CHS) (Fall 1:33) 182: Brendan Hicks (HBG) over Esai Uribe (CHS) (Fall 1:39) 195: Bryant Lester (HBG) over Elijah Johnson (CHS) (Fall 5:22) 220: Skyler Nobles (CHS) over Jakorey Mann (HBG) (Fall 0:45) 285: Javier Horton (HBG) over Brody Nichls (CHS) (Fall 1:37) 106: Cameron Haake (CHS) over Avery Henderson (HBG) (Dec 19-17) 113: Parker Clarida (HBG) over (CHS) (For.) 120: Tony Keene (HBG) over Nate Lecrone (CHS) (Fall 1:45) 126: Briar Butler (HBG) over Lane Griffin (CHS) (Fall 1:54) 132: Sabastian Brown (HBG) over (CHS) (For.) 138: Russell Tate (CHS) over Brock Felty (HBG) (Dec 12-5) 145: Aaron Mulligan (HBG) over Isaac Phelps (CHS) (Fall 0:41) 152: Levi Shook (CHS) over Rayne Jerrell (HBG) (Fall 2:37)

West Frankfort (WF) 60.0 Harrisburg (HBG) 21.0
132: J Jenkins (WF) over Sabastian Brown (HBG) (Fall 5:28) 138: R.J. Williams (WF) over Brock Felty (HBG) (Fall 0:14) 145: Chad Eskew (WF) over Aaron Mulligan (HBG) (Fall 3:24) 152: Ashton Swan (WF) over (HBG) (For.) 160: Jaden Smilanich (WF) over Trentn Price (HBG) (Fall 0:20) 170: Connor Henson (WF) over Josh Stewart (HBG) (Fall 2:29) 182: Brendan Hicks (HBG) over Brandon Turner (WF) (Fall 3:26) 195: Bryant Lester (HBG) over A Joyner (WF) (Fall 3:02) 220: Hunter Stitely (WF) over Jakorey Mann (HBG) (Fall 1:23) 285: Braxton Chance (WF) over Kenneth Martin (HBG) (Fall 1:39) 106: H Hughs (WF) over Avery Henderson (HBG) (Fall 3:18) 113: Tony Keene (HBG) over Andrew Milligan (WF) (Fall 0:12) 120: Issac Parcell (WF) over (HBG) (For.) 126: Briar Butler (HBG) over C Joyner (WF) (Dec 5-3)

Harrisburg (HBG) 39.0 BENTON (BEN) 39.0
120: Parker Clarida (HBG) over (BEN) (For.) 126: Briar Butler (HBG) over Alex Jones (BEN) (Dec 8-4) 132: MASON TIEFFEL (BEN) over Sabastian Brown (HBG) (Fall 1:54) 138: Skyler Pauley (BEN) over Brock Felty (HBG) (Fall 1:12) 145: HOLDEN ALSOP (BEN) over Aaron Mulligan (HBG) (Fall 1:06) 152: Tiffin Kazoukas (BEN) over (HBG) (For.) 160: Walker Dale (HBG) over Collin Hill (BEN) (Fall 0:36) 170: KONNOR DEAN (BEN) over Josh Stewart (HBG) (Dec 4-2) 182: Brendan Hicks (HBG) over WYATT UPTON (BEN) (DQ) 195: Bryant Lester (HBG) over Gavin Hedger (BEN) (Fall 0:42) 220: Jakorey Mann (HBG) over ISAIH DALTON (BEN) (Fall 1:41) 285: HUNTER MOSS (BEN) over Javier Horton (HBG) (Fall 1:32) 106: Landon Catron (BEN) over Avery Henderson (HBG) (Fall 4:39) 113: Tony Keene (HBG) over Eliase Walker (BEN) (Fall 0:11)

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