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Clubhouse Chatter: Should postgame handshake line go away forever?

By Spyder Dann
updated: 7/7/2020 10:28 AM

Post game handshakes can go away. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I like the sportsmanship it shows, but I don't think it's necessary
-- Andy Sloan, Benton girls basketball coach

I sure hope not. There can be changes or accommodations made or what have you. But I think it's an important part of sports. Showing that mutual respect to your opponent after a hard fought battle.
-- Tyler Buss, Mt. Carmel boys basketball coach

I would like to see us go to something like we do at Harrisburg with the pregame handshake. I have always felt that you always hear about the bad things that happen during the postgame handshake. Maybe just the coaches only at the end of the game.
-- Ron Winemiller, Benton boys basketball coach

Hand shake line should be before the game. It's great to recognize a great game played but I think after a competitive effort it could help save some problems by just going to the locker room.
-- Sayler Shurtz, Herrin boys basketball coach

No, I don't think the postgame handshake should go away. I think that is a big part of sportsmanship and think that's a big piece of sports in general.
-- Justin Fetcho, SIU men's golf coach

Postgame handshake can go. You can fist bump or something else
-- Kerry Martin, Marion football coach

I don't think so. I think it's a good tradition and shows respect to the other team.
-- Karsyn Davis, SEMO softball player, former Harrisburg standout

Sportsmanship is such a big part of our game. If we don't shake hands this season, that would make sense, but I don't see that going away forever.
-- Justin Grooves, Benton football coach

I've said that for years. Shake hands before the game and be done with it.
-- Britt Pavelonis, Golf pro and former Harrisburg standout

No, I like the sportsmanship of the gesture. Teach our players to be good winners and good losers.
-- Doug Miller, Hamilton County boys basketball coach

I don't think the postgame handshake should go away forever for a multitude of reasons. One being it might cost you a spot on The Dream Team (Ask Isiah Thomas about that one). But on a serious note the post game handshake is about much more than sportsmanship I think. To me the handshake symbolizes respect for your opponent and the game and also teaches you some humility in defeat. There's gonna be a point in all of these young athletes lives where they are met with some type of failure that has more implications then a loss on your record. These failures often have more implications than your success because how you respond to them speaks to your character. Learning to maintain some level of humility and respect through a postgame handshake will go a long ways in allowing you to handle failure properly in the real world.
-- Payton Price, former Eldorado standout

I don't think it should be gone forever. It is a show of sportsmanship after a hard fought contest. I do think we need to come up with some alternative method this season, for example, bump elbows.
-- Gabe Angelly, Harrisburg football coach

Not sure on that one. It's a little dated probably regardless of the pandemic
-- Joe Clark, Eldorado football coach

No! At some point life has to go back to the way it was. If you're going to play a full game vs an opponent, there's no reason you can't shake their hand after the game.
-- Jake Stewart, Harrisburg girls basketball coach

Yes, the handshake line is a great place for "bad blood" to boil over. Plus the captains/coaches of teams typically shake hands before games anyway.
-- Reece Johnson, Benton senior student-athlete

No, I feel that it shouldn't go away because after games it's a tradition for teams to shake hands. I see it as the players showing their respect to each other.
-- Noah Boon, Harrisburg student-athlete

The handshake line is a part of sports that should stay. All you need is a little sanitation afterwards. Beside, it shouldn't matter since the players sweat on each other during the game.
-- Capel Henshaw, former Harrisburg standout

I'll leave that up to someone higher up than me as well. I think it's a nice gesture.
-- Derek Beard, Du Quoin Athletic Director & football coach