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Letter: Eldorado Woman's Club grateful for community support

updated: 10/16/2017 8:17 PM

Dear Editor: The Eldorado Woman's Club would like to express a really big thank you to nearly everyone regarding our recent community project.

Last March, the club, along with the City of Eldorado and the Eldorado Middle School Beta Club, started collecting plastic lids with the intention of recycling them.

Since that time, most everyone in Eldorado and many other places collected plastic for us. In all, we collected over 800 pounds of plastic lids.

We took enough lids to Evansville (to help pay) for two benches. The club has paid the difference or $250 for each bench. Without everyone's help, we could not have accomplished this.

We hope the community will be as proud of these benches as we are. We plan to continue this project. Please go by city hall and check them out.

There will be no names or publicity placed on the benches. This is totally a community effort.

Wanda Burklow