Country star Josh Turner plays in Harrisburg tonight

Country music star Josh Turner says fans will enjoy his show tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 5) at the Saline County Fairgrounds.

Turner, a multi-platinum-selling artist who burst onto the country scene in 2003 with his hit "Long Black Train" will perform to celebrate Coleman Tri-County Services Inc.'s 50th anniversary.

Turner will take the stage at 6 p.m. Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Some tickets are still available at

Turner, in an email interview, said his show will feature a full band.

It's one of many shows the energetic star performs each year.

"I do around 100 shows each year. I'm out on the road most weekends, so I stay fairly busy touring," Turner said.

While he said he enjoys the singing aspect the most at each performance, a keyed-up audience makes an event especially fun.

"Beyond that, I have a ball when I'm playing for a crowd that is responsive, interactive and excited," he said.

Turner is no stranger to the recording studio, either. This year, though, he said he's concentrating more on his live performances.

"I've been writing a bit, but there isn't a definitive new album on the horizon just yet. Having released or rereleased five records in the last five years, I've been focusing on touring this year and seeing where my heart leads me with new music," he said.

A devoted fan himself of classic country tunes, Turner recorded "Country State of Mind" in 2020. The album is a collection of his take some of those songs. He said he's extremely pleased with the album.

"I may never have a favorite, but it's definitely an album I'm extremely proud of. The song choices, the production, the guest appearances, and my vocal performances on these old songs make for a great-sounding record," Turner said.

He said the musicians whose works he featured on the album set a great example for lasting success in the industry.

"Their music has shown me what songs need to have to stand the test of time, such as timeless lyrics and a melody that you can easily sing along to. Whenever I write, it's always my goal to try to incorporate these elements into my songs," he said.

Turner is known equally as a gospel artist, and says as a Christian, he tries to live by example.

"I don't go onstage with the intent to preach. I think throughout my life and career in a secular genre I influence people mostly by what I don't do or say rather than what I do say or do. I am not afraid to talk about my faith in Jesus obviously, but I don't 'beat people over the head with it' either," Turner said.

Lisa Knight, who organized Turner's show for Coleman Tri-County, said she and a host of fans are looking forward to the concert.

"I think this is a show a lot of people are really looking forward to," Knight said.

Turner, likewise, said his concert promises to be a great time for all.

"Fans can expect to hear all the hits they've come to know and love," Turner said. "Plus, we may have a couple surprises up our sleeves. It'll be a fun night for all ages."