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CMSF High School Senior of the Week: Caleb Roski

  • Caleb Roski

    Caleb Roski
    Courtesy of Supt. Bryce K. Jerrell

Submitted by CMSF High School
updated: 9/7/2022 4:27 PM

The CMSF High School Senior of the Week is Caleb Roski.

Caleb was born on Dec. 21. His favorite junior high memory was throwing water balloons at a giant wasp nest with Riley, and his best high school memory so far is chasing raccoons in the middle of the night with Colton.

Caleb wants to be remembered as someone who is always honest with people.

His favorite food is biscuits and gravy, his best friend is Anniston, and his favorite movie is "The Dukes of Hazzard."

His favorite teacher is Mr. DeNeal, his favorite sports star is Yadier Molina, and his favorite quote is, "Learn to control your emotions or be consumed by them."

Caleb's words of wisdom to leave behind to his fellow classmates: "Always do your work and respect your teachers."

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