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Williamson County marriage licenses

Submitted by the Williamson County Clerk's office
updated: 8/10/2022 9:40 PM

Marriage licenses applied for from the Williamson County Clerk's office, between July 15 and Aug. 4.

• Lance M. Merchant of Simpson and Maranda L. Chance of Tunnel Hill.

• Tildon A. Van and Larissa K. Bond, both of Johnston City.

• Clarissa M. Drew of Bluford and Lacey N. Akin of Carbondale.

• Steven M. Merlock and Sharon D. Mikels, both of Beach Park, Illinois.

• Nicholas F. Jellen and Kaitlin P. Neikes, both of Creal Springs.

• Ava K. Fergerson and Meredith B. Whitfield, both of Purvis, Mississippi.

• Zachary B. Absher and Jessica A. Morrissey, both of Moline.

• Keith W. Pearce and Julie A. Friend, both of Masontown, West Virginia.

• Victor S. Ludwig and Rylee S. Peterson, both of Carbondale.

• James W. Tibbs II of Herrin and Amy E. Norris of Marion.

• Ethan G. Rapp of Dahlgren and Autumn R. Schneider of Carmi.

• Lawrence E. Smith and Georgia F. Stroud, both of Carterville.

• Brian L. Heilman and Casey A. Mays, both of Mount Vernon.

• Koby D. Holland and Sheanna D. Delso, both of Herrin.

• Jacob J. Mangrum and Madison G. Lucus, both of Marion.

• Dean L. Brown of Cambria and Nancy J. Cole of Herrin.

• Benjie A. Kent and Susan L. Davis, both of Marion.

• Jessie S. Smithhart and Belma Hergic, both of St. Louis.