Gallatin 4-H proud of its General Show winners

Congratulations to our Gallatin County General Show exhibitors.

Murphie Horton received a blue ribbon and State Fair Award for her 4-H Cooking Cookies.

Lakelyn Black, Jameson Drone, Anthony Dyhrkopp, Benjamin Dyhrkopp, Lauren Dyhrkopp Caroline Hunt all received Cloverbud awards.

In the Food Preservation Unit, Pickles and Relishes, blue ribbons were awarded to Lydia Browning, Jackson Drone, Murphie Horton, Maddy Kitchens, Molly Kitchens and Ella Lydick.

Visual Arts Food Decorating blue ribbon awards went to Lydia Browning, Murphie Horton and Ella Lydick.

Visual Arts Heritage Arts and Chalk/Carbon Pigment blue ribbons went to Kenadee Sanders, Isabelle Wargel and Sophie Wargel.