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SIC allowing hotspot internet access to students

Submitted by Southeastern Illinois College
Posted on 3/24/2020, 10:57 AM

HARRISBURG -- Southeastern Illinois College received notification and permission Saturday morning from the state to allow Wi-Fi service in defined parking lots for those who need internet service for classes.

SIC announced earlier last week that it will go to an online format for the rest of the spring semester.

The allowance is now classified as essential to remote learning. The conditions for this to operate include:

• Hot spot areas may be accessed by auto in the north parking lot in front of the Learning Commons (A-Building) area from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This began Monday.

These days and times may change, so visit SIC's homepage at for updates.

Please go to and see the map of service and the highlighted yellow parking areas.

Leave a space between autos as possible and practice strong social distancing.

Students/users must stay in their autos while on campus using Wi-Fi. No exceptions. Violators will be denied privilege and authorities will be notified.

No access to the building will be allowed (i.e., no restrooms) as the building will be locked and security on patrol.

Only 50 autos may be allowed at a time due to capacity. More than that may crash the system.

Security will monitor and block access should there be more automobiles than allowed.

Only automobiles with the current SIC parking sticker will be allowed to ensure service to currently enrolled students. If you don't have a SIC parking sticker and are a current student, contact Dr. Chad Flannery at for verification and processing.

Violators of these policies will be legally charged and authorities notified.