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CMSF High School Senior of the Week

  • Jordan Robertson

    Jordan Robertson

Submitted by CMSF High School
Posted on 2/7/2020, 12:42 PM

CARRIER MILLS -- The CMSF Senior of the Week for Jan. 31 is Jordan Robertson. Jordan's birthday is Oct. 8.

Her favorite color is blue, her favorite reading series is "The Hunger Games" and her favorite candy is a Snickers Bar.

Jordan's best friend is Dakota, her favorite teacher is Mr. Eisenhauer, and her favorite celebrity is Kevin Hart.

Her best grade school memory was Brandon getting in trouble everyday and Nate falling out of his chair backward, her favorite junior high memory was when Shelby and Desirae were dancing in Mrs. Kirkland's room, and her best high school memory so far has been driving around with her friends during lunch and listening to music.

Jordan wants to be remembered as the fun, smart girl with the long, red, curly hair.

Her words of wisdom to leave her classmates: "Time flies when you're having fun."