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Illinois separation meeting Saturday at Hogg Hollow Winery

By Travis DeNeal
updated: 8/28/2019 11:31 AM

GLENDALE -- A meeting Saturday to promote a movement to split the rest of Illinois from Chicago and Cook County is the result of other Illinoisans frustrated with a lack of representation, the host of the meeting says.

Steve Hogg, owner of Hogg Hollow Winery near Glendale, said many Illinoisans outside of Chicago feel that their voice isn't being heard.

"In my opinion, people in southern Illinois in particular have to put up with legislation that we don't agree with, and the issue of taxation without representation," Hogg said. "Yes, we have representatives in the state legislature, but we don't have the numbers to outvote anything representatives from Chicago and the Cook County area propose."

He cited changes to laws regarding abortion and repeat taxation on automobile sales as two examples of legislation he feels the majority of people outside of Chicago oppose.

"The way the current system is, we have to abide by rules and regulations that don't have our best interest in mind, and we can't do anything about it."

The meeting Saturday is noon to 6 at the winery, and will feature Shelbyville state Rep. Brad Halbrook and Collin Cliburn, who are running for seats in the General Assembly. Halbrook sponsored legislation to separate Illinois from Chicago, and Cliburn is the founder of the Illinois Separation movement.

Petitions for all Illinois counties will be available for people to sign, plus blank petitions.

Meanwhile, the separation movement in Illinois will have to go on without the support of the state Republican party.

GOP leaders said recently that while they sympathize with many of the issues driving the movement, the party considers the issue a nonstarter. Even so, they expect downstate Republican legislators to use separation as a campaign issue.

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