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Saline County Sheriff's Office arrests

updated: 4/4/2018 4:04 PM

All information was provided by the Saline County Sheriff's Office. Cases should be viewed as charges only.

April 2
Lex W. Thornton, 32, of Harrisburg, on a warrant from Kentucky for nonsupport of family. He was released by the court.
Christopher D. Smith, 45, of Benton, for violation of probation. He remains in the Saline County Detention Center.
Candaso A. Murphy, 41, of Carrier Mills for aggravated assault, domestic battery, disorderly conduct and aggravated battery of a victim over 60. He remains in the Saline County Detention Center.

April 1
Christie L. Debose, 33, of Eldorado, for burglary, possession of burglary tools and unlawful use of weapons. She posted $500 bond.

March 31
Jerry D. Zappa, of Harrisburg for burglary and criminal trespass to land. He posted $141 bond and time served credit.
Michael W. Litherland, 65, of Golconda, for driving while license suspended or revoked and DUI/Alcohol. He posted $300 bond.

March 30
Michael J. Bonneville, 28, of Harrisburg, for theft and possession of methamphetamine. He posted $1,000 bond.
James E. Welling, 56, of Harrisburg, for battery, disorderly conduct and assault. He posted $150 bond.

March 29
Caitland M. Russell, 27, of Galatia, for failure to appear on violation of probation for obstructing justice. She posted $1,075 bond.
Jordan G. Dunning, 27, of Marion, for failure to appear for criminal damage to property. He posted $325 bond.

March 28
Kelly J. Barger, 32, of Galatia, for driving while license suspended or revoked. He posted $150 bond.

March 27
Miranda J. Key, 23, of Harrisburg, for possession of methamphetamine. She remains in the Saline County Detention Center.

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