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St. John vacation bible school a success

  • Attendees in the St. John Lutheran vacation bible study are shown.

    Attendees in the St. John Lutheran vacation bible study are shown.

By Staff Report
updated: 7/31/2017 1:54 PM

More than 60 students attended the three-day St. John vacation bible school July 12-14, as months of planning, recruiting, building, meeting, sewing and baking appear to have paid off.
The students, from age 3 through grade 6, were divided by age groups and participated in four stations each evening. The theme for VBS was "Mighty Fortress: In Jesus the Victory is Won!" and the school's Parish Hall was transformed into a medieval setting to depict the theme.
An elaborate castle was designed, built, painted and assembled by Karen and Mike Miller. The castle was detailed with a drawbridge, towers, windows, vines, wall torches and trees.
Additional volunteers designed and sewed costumes for the adult volunteers to depict the theme. Decorations were made, including jeweled goblets, torches, shields and scrolls.
The students were able to be photographed with the medieval props and received the free photo memento.
At each station, the students participated in an activity related to the Bible story and Bible verse of the day.
At the music station, children sang songs about each Bible story and the Bible verse of the day. These theme-inspired, high-energy tunes delivered the message of God's victory Christ.
The games station was a fortress full of energy. The students enjoyed using a catapult to knock down fortress walls, and other active games provided mighty fun and learning.
The craft station provided multilevel activities to emphasize each Bible story and gave a hands-on way to explore each lesson. The students created shields, masks, picture frames, tote bags and Bible covers.
Students feasted on snacks they created to match daily lessons at the cooking station. Each evening, the entire group participated in the closing devotions led by Pastor Tim Sims to review the Bible lesson and Bible verse.
Attendance prizes were awarded each evening, including coupons free items donated by local businesses.
During the Saturday evening worship service, students performed a bible study action song. Following the service, an ice cream social was held in the Parish Hall featuring ice cream, toppings, cookies, brownies and beverages.
Guests were able to enjoy the Mighty Fortress decorations and castle.
Organizers wish to thank the students who attended, volunteer teachers/helpers and to the generous local businesses.