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Pioneer days return Friday and Saturday

Posted on 4/20/2017, 5:00 AM

HARRISBURG -- The Saline County Historical Society will turn back the hands of time Friday and Saturday with its "Life on the Illinois Frontier" program, historical society member Krystal Wilson said.

The program is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days at the Saline Creek Pioneer Village and Museum.

"There are many opportunities for visitors. All of the cabins, the church, the blockhouse and the barn will be open with a tour guide stationed in each of them to highlight the history," Wilson said. "The main museum will be open as well."

She said additionally, several stations will be set up where special guests will make different pioneer-era items. This year, a weapon-maker, a lace-maker and an animal skin tanner are among the guests, she said.

"As always, we will have several groups of reenactors coming who will be dressed in clothing from the frontier time period. Food and craft vendors will also be on site," she said. "Our gift shop has recently been revamped and will be open to guests as well."

The reenactors and others wearing period-accurate clothing is a favorite, she said.

"One thing that people look forward to is seeing everyone dressed up in frontier-time clothing inside all of the historical buildings," Wilson said. "It helps them envision what it must have looked like back then."

The program dates back to 1995, but this year the addition of Friday's events gives it a greater audience, Wilson said.

"The event has always been just a Saturday," she said. "This year, we added a Friday so local schools could take advantage of the event and visit for field trips."

For more information or to arrange a tour or field trip, contact Wilson at (618) 841-1781 or Debbie McVey at (618) 841-6593.