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Teen voters register in school

Staff Writer
Posted on 1/29/2016, 12:43 PM

Coverage of the presidential race is all but accosting those who watch the news, but what really matters in the long run is who is voting.

Kim Buchanan, Saline County Clerk, spent this week in area high schools seeing to it that young voters have a chance to register.

"It is your civic duty to vote," Buchanan said. "I wish everyone were registered to vote."

According to state statistics the number of actual voters to registered voters is just barley above the 50 percent mark. In the 2010 Illinois Governor Election of some 7,506,073 were registered to vote and only 3,792,770 turned out to vote, which is about a 51 percent turnout.

"The people need to vote, I am very passionate about this," Buchanan said.

The Saline County office holder is making sure that our young voters have a chance to register before the March primaries.

On Tuesday, Buchanan visited Carrier Mills-Stonefort High School and registered 12 new voters; Wednesday she visited Galatia with 21 new voters and Eldorado with 44; and Thursday, Harrisburg with 48 new registered voters.

Those who turned 18 before Nov. 8 are eligible to register and vote in the March primaries.

"I am excited about being able to vote for the presidential elections," said Alexa Burtis, student at Harrisburg High School. "My family is big into politics."

Burtis shared that she is a Republican and is in support of either Ben Carson or Donald Trump as the Republican candidate but will vote Republican either way.

"I think everyone should exercise their right to vote," Burtis said.

Those who are of eligible age to vote can go online at or may make a visit to the County Clerk offices at the court house for more information. After four years of not voting your status becomes inactive.

Buchanan says that there are 16,000 registered voters in Saline County, both active and inactive.

Feb. 16 is the last day for early registration and after that a trip to the elections office is required to register and vote.