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Du Quoin Garden Club: How to plant by the Moon

  • The Welcome to Du Quoin sign gets some holiday swag, courtesy of the Du Quoin Garden Club.

    The Welcome to Du Quoin sign gets some holiday swag, courtesy of the Du Quoin Garden Club.
    Courtesy of the Du Quoin Garden Club

Submitted by Verna Bastien,
Du Quoin Garden Club
updated: 12/6/2019 12:29 PM

Du Quoin Garden Club of District VII Garden Clubs of Illinois met on Nov. 19 at Alongi's Restaurant in Du Quoin. Jean Bullock was the hostess.

After dining, guest speaker Betty O'Keefe gave the program "Planting by the Moon." Plants may be sown, cared for and harvested by the moon signs, due to the gravitational pull of the moon. The strongest pull of the moon, and best planting time is during the full moon phase, then the new moon.

The waning phase is a good time for pruning, fertilizing, harvesting and weeding. You should get a yearly gardening calendar to know the date of the moon signs.

Other news

• Our year-end giving will be donated to "Shop with a Hero," the Marshall Browning Hospital Tree of Life, the Du Quoin Clothes Closet and the Du Quoin Food Pantry.

• Linda Searby shared that she has grown a blooming African violet from a leaf cutting program given by Linda Minnis of Marion at our July meeting.

• The Horticulture Minute informed the club that if you grow roses, you should remove the old mulch before the first frost and replace with new mulch and trim only large or broken branches in the fall.

• The club will decorate the community gardens at the Route 51 South welcome sign, Keyes City Park, the Main Street Mini Park and gazebo and the planters in front of the Du Quoin Post Office for the holidays.

• In addition, the Du Quoin Garden Club with the assistance of Sherry Rice of Thill's Flowers will arrange the planters at the Croessman Square with assorted live greenery and red bows and will decorate a tree for the 20th anniversary Holiday Lights Fair at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds.

• The next meeting of the Du Quoin Garden Club will be February 2020.