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Twista, DJ G-Love coming to Harrisburg Oct. 20

updated: 10/19/2017 10:26 AM

HARRISBURG -- A Midwest rap music legend will perform in Harrisburg at 8 p.m. this Friday, and the Harrisburg businessman bringing him here says this will be the first of several planned concerts.

Twista, who once held the world record for being the world's fastest rapper, will perform along with DJ G-Love at Sk8 Country, 25 Veterans Drive.

"Whenever you think of legends, Twista is a legend in the Midwest," James Hayes, co-owner of Papaw's Pizza and JoJo's in Harrisburg, said. "East Coast had Biggie Smalls, West Coast had Tupac and Midwest has Twista."

Hayes said he and his brother, Nathan Hayes, the other co-owner of Papaw's and JoJo's, realized there was a lack of big-name entertainment venues in Harrisburg.

"My brother and myself were talking about there's nothing in this town, and we definitely need more entertainment in Harrisburg," James Hayes said. "You look all around at other places and they're booming with entertainment."

Hayes said he initially came into contact with G-Love, who also is a promoter, through a mutual friend on Facebook. G-Love is the main promoter of Friday's concert and is a musical artist as well. He'll be performing his hit singles "Ride with Me," "Only Imagine," and more the same night.

Tickets are $30 and $60 for VIP tickets.

"We've got a few of the concert tickets and VIP is almost sold out," Hayes said.

Due to the anticipated need for parking, Hayes said the city of Harrisburg offered the use of nearby property for parking.

"We knew parking would be an issue, and I want to give a shout-out to the city for letting us use the property for free, plus they'll be shutting off the streets around us for the after-party at JoJo's," he said.

Sloan Street will be the only adjoining street near JoJo's that won't be shut down during the after-party, he said.

Harrisburg Mayor John McPeek said city officials were glad to lend a hand to an event that would draw people to the city.

"The city was concerned about parking and since we have 12 acres that isn't being used at this time, I don't see a problem with the concert attendees parking on the city property," McPeek said. "It won't interfere with traffic flow and there is a sidewalk all the way up to the venue so people will be safe. The city wants to accommodate any business wanting to help their business. We hope people from out of town eat at our restaurants and enjoy themselves. Just be safe, that's all that I ask."

Hayes said he is planning additional concerts for the city.

"We listen to more than just rap," he said. "We listen to blues, we listen to country, and we'd like to bring several different performers of several kinds of music to town."

Tickets for Twista and DJ G-Love are available from Hayes, at Papaw's Pizza, JoJo's, through G-Love at (262) 515-6820 or and at Sk8 Country. Doors open at 7 p.m. followed by the concert at 8.

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