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Saline County escapes major storm damage

updated: 3/1/2017 9:01 AM

SALINE COUNTY -- Despite severe weather throughout the region, Saline County escaped heavy storm damage late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the county's emergency services coordinator said.

"We had hardly any reports at all of damage," Allan Ninness, Saline County Emergency Services Coordinator, said Wednesday morning.

"When I checked with the highway department, they had very few calls to remove limbs from roadways, which is often a good indicator of storm damage," he said. "And, the sheriff's department didn't have much either."

He said a storm that came through about 5 a.m. Wednesday in the very southeastern part of the county may have caused damaged that had not been reported yet.

"There was imbedded hail in the southern portion of the county, in the area close to Garden of the Gods, so there may have been some damage there," he said.

Neighboring counties saw significant damage during the outbreak, but on the five-year anniversary of the 2012 Leap Day Tornado that tore through Harrisburg and Ridgway in Gallatin County, Saline County appeared to miss most of the storm.

"We've been spared so far," Ninness said.

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