SIC celebrates Arbor Day with Eldorado Garden Study Club

Southeastern Illinois College and the Eldorado Garden Study Club joined forces once again this Arbor Day to beautify the college campus and promote environmental stewardship.

The Eldorado Garden Study Club presented SIC with a Maple Autumn Blaze tree, further enriching the growing grove on campus.

“We're incredibly grateful for the continued partnership with the Eldorado Garden Study Club,” said SIC President Dr. Jonah Rice. “Their dedication to Arbor Day and environmental responsibility makes our campus a more welcoming and sustainable space for students, faculty and staff."

The Eldorado Garden Club has donated a tree to SIC for Arbor Day each year for 17 years. This collaborative effort has resulted in a flourishing grove that not only enhances the campus aesthetics but also provides valuable environmental benefits.

“Witnessing the grove transform over the years has been truly rewarding,” shared Donna Hearn, chair of the Eldorado Garden Study Club’s Arbor Day Committee. “Planting trees is an investment in the future, and we're proud to contribute to a greener and healthier learning environment at SIC.”