Second arrest made in home invasions

Second arrest made in home invasions

By Brian DeNeal

The second man suspected in home invasions Sunday in Harrisburg and Monday in Carrier Mills is in custody.

Carrier Mills Police arrested Kyle Martin Day, 23, 216 E. Trammel St., Carrier Mills, 12:30 a.m. April 22 on charges of criminal damage to property, criminal trespass to residence, assault, disorderly conduct, home invasion, armed robbery and theft.

Harrisburg Police arrested the other man, Carl Edward Campbell, 52, 103 Karen Ann Lane, Carrier Mills Monday night on charges of possession of stolen property, home invasion, armed robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon and unlawful use of a weapon.

Harrisburg Police Chief Bob Smith said while there had been questions whether Campbell was giving an authentic name, a fingerprint match verified he did give the correct name. Campbell is also known by other names, Smith said.

Police will conduct a photo line up for witnesses, but are confident enough in the case to present evidence to the State's Attorney for formal charges.

The men were being held Wednesday morning on the Harrisburg home invasion while Carrier Mills Police were completing their case on the Carrier Mills incident.

"We got video of both suspects and were able to use video to identify both suspects," Smith said.

Smith said Day was arrested in connection with a domestic situation in Carrier Mills.

Harrisburg home invasion involved two men entering a house on the 100 block of East Raymond Street and threatening a man with a knife until the man gave them money and a phone. Smith said he did not want to identify the victim or the address for fear of possible repercussions to the victim.

The investigation concludes Day was wearing a bandana and hoodie in the Harrisburg incident and Campbell's face was not concealed. The men covered their faces in the Carrier Mills incident in which they bound and robbed Terry Felty of electronics equipment.

Police had a description of the vehicle Campbell was driving and Sgt. Todd Cavender located it in a Harrisburg traffic stop, finding electronic equipment belonging to Felty inside.