Lt. Governor candidate in Harrisburg

Evelyn Sanguinetti is Bruce Rauner's running mate on their Republican reform ticket in the Illinois governor's race.

Currently they are polling as the top contenders in the Republican primary March 18. Rauner and Sanguinetti plan to defeat current Democratic Governor Pat Quinn.

"We are complete outsiders to politics and are beholden to no special interests. We are working for the people," she said.

Sanguinetti passed through Harrisburg Tuesday afternoon on another campaign swing by the Rauner forces.

Recently, other Republican primary candidates have tried to link Rauner to former Governor Rod Blagojevich's s scandal-ridden administration through a connection to the imprisoned governor's crony, the imprisoned Stuart Levine.

In a January 31, 2014 Chicago Tribune story the reporters Bob Secter and Jeff Coen state that a close look at the facts "suggests any such connection is tenuous at best."

Sanguenetti said that some of their Republican primary opponents are trying to sling mud.

"What they are trying to do to us is wrong. We are ahead in the polls and we are their only target," she said.

"My kids have to see these negative ads. We signed on for this and my kids were prepared in advance.

"We are a positive household. We told the kids that Illinois is in bad shape and we are going to change that. Some people don't want change and they will try to stop us in any way that they can. But we are going to reform Illinois," she said.

Asked about education she said that she and Rauner both are passionate about Illinois schools.

"I failed first grade in an ineffective school in Hialeah, Fla. I graduated from grade school with no more failures and studied piano at which I excelled and that got me into a magnet school," Sanguinetti said.

She later studied law at John Marshall Law School.

"The music background really helped. My study habits were complementary to law school. I am an attorney. I get a lot of exercise running to and from court rooms,"

While in law school she resurrected the Hispanic Lawyers Association at John Marshall. She was nominated to the Moot Court Executive Board, an honor for a law student.

"Jobs, jobs, jobs are our top priority," she said. "We want to make Illinois friendly to business through tax reform, tort reform, worker's compensation reform and an overhaul of the Illinois Tax Code," she said.

The Rauner camp will also be in touch with leaders out-of-state.

"We will consult with Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Mitch Daniels of Indiana as we finalize our plans. We will be studying their ideas. The Illinois Tax Code is currently punitive to businesses. The tax code should be fair to all," she said.