Oswego area sees second warmest October on record

<span class="body">Last month held slightly unusual weather conditions for an average Oswego October. While no records were broken, there were a few close calls, including the absence of frost and freezing temperatures throughout the month.</span>

<span class="body">According to Bill Gregway, local weather observer, the normal date for the first frost is Oct. 22. The frost this year did not arrive until last Saturday, Nov. 3. The first snowfall occurred the next day on the fourth. Oswego only received a trace amount of snow because of the warm temperature of Lake Ontario. Gregway said, "The lake is still pretty warm at 57 degrees. Near the lakeshore it (the warm temperature) does effect it (snow)." The weather observer said that places located more inland, such as Hannibal and Fair Haven, have already received measurable amounts of snow.</span>

<span class="body">This October was the second warmest October on record, with an average temperature of 58.2 degrees. This is 7.1 degrees above the average temperature for the month. Weather records for Oswego date back to 1844. The warmest October on record was in 1947 with an average temperature of 58.5 degrees "We only missed it by three tenths of a degree," Gregway said. "Syracuse had a record month. We only came in second because our records are so much older."</span>

<span class="body">The hottest day of the month was on the sixth when the temperature reached 83 degrees. This was preceded by temperatures in the 70s on Oct.1-5. There were 12 days in October that had temperatures in the 70s. The coldest day was Oct. 29 when the temperature fell to 33 degrees.</span>

<span class="body">A total of 3.27 inches of rain fell in the month of October. This is 0.5 inches below average. From the first of the year, 31.11 inches of rain fell, which is 3.55 inches below average. According to Gregway, even though Oswego's rain fall is below average, "Rochester and Syracuse are running even greater deficits."</span>

<span class="body">On Oct. 23, 1.34 inches of rain fell in an 13-hour period. The weather observer noted that it is normal to get over an inch of rain in a 24-hour period at least once a month. According to Gregway, the rain that fell on Oct. 23 is the heaviest rain Oswego has seen since April 16. That day, 1.4 inches of rain fell. "We went most of the spring, summer and most of the fall without heavy rain," Gregway said.</span>

<span class="body">This October varied drastically from October last year. "It was a cloudy, wet, cool month last year," Gregway said. "This year it was mild and precipitation was almost normal and sunshine was almost normal." October 2006 was two degrees below the average temperature. There were also no days with temperatures in the 70s. Instead, there were two days that the temperature fell below the freezing point at 32 degrees. Last October the precipitation for the month was 2.63 inches above average. Also, the first frost fell on Oct. 13, which ended the growing season early. Gregway defined the growing season as the period from the last 32 degree day in the spring to the first 32 degree day in the fall, which usually averages to about 180 days.</span>

<span class="body">According to, today's high will reach 47 degrees, chilly with times of clouds and sun. Tonight will be clear and the low could fall to 27 degrees.</span>