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Mike Roux: Fellowship of Christian Athletes mentors coaches around the world

  • Former Cardinals reliever Todd Worrell and columnist Mike Roux.

    Former Cardinals reliever Todd Worrell and columnist Mike Roux.
    Courtesy of Mike Roux

By Mike Roux
updated: 7/16/2017 12:35 PM

As I sit down to write this article I do so with a great deal of joy and satisfaction. Along with these emotions there is also a bit of fear and trepidation. Let me start off by telling those of you who may not be familiar with FCA what this organization is all about.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an international organization dedicated to mentoring and discipling athletic coaches in junior highs, high schools and colleges around the world. There are approximately 1,500 full-time FCA staff members in the U.S., with the vision to help influence coaches for Christ so they can then share that with the kids they coach. This ministry has been very successful for many decades.

I have been on the professional end of the outdoor industry for 40 years, as a professional hunting and fishing guide, serving on a number of national manufacturer pro staffs, an outdoor TV series, a syndicated outdoor radio show, a dozen weekly newspaper columns, monthly periodical columns, several blogs and I two books.

About 25 years ago, God led me to start my own Outdoor Ministry. Since then I have spoken at hundreds of churches, men's groups and wild game dinners across the country. This ministry has grown dramatically, lives have been changed and I have been able to plant outdoor ministries in many of the churches where I have spoken.

About 18 months ago I was introduced to FCA though one of their local outdoor fundraisers. I went to an FCA pheasant hunt in Morgan County and hinted with former St. Louis Cardinal relief pitcher Todd Worrell, who is on staff with FCA. I wrote some articles for FCA about this event and have been volunteering with them since then.

I learned how effective they are at spreading the Gospel around the Midwest region and got to attend several "huddle" meetings (huddles are what schools call their FCA student groups).

A few months ago God called me to take my personal outdoor ministry to a higher level, and I am now the first full time director of the FCA Outdoor Ministry.

With more than 825,000 people buying hunting or fishing licenses in Illinois in 2016, you can see that my mission field is huge. By adding an outdoor component to FCA we will be able to include many of those 825,000 who are coaches and potential donors who may not have been exposed to us before.

This very large demographic has not been intentionally excluded by FCA. It has been completely accidental. So now, instead of unintentionally excluding these coaches, staff and donors who love the outdoors, we are going to intentionally include them.

This all having been said, I am tasked with building an FCA Outdoor Ministry Home Team. I am inviting you, Adventure Sports Outdoors readers, to join me in this exciting new ministry. You can reach me at Follow us on Facebook, FCA Outdoors Midwest.

Let me share with you what all God has laid on my heart for this new ministry and consider partnering with me. Thanks and God bless you all.