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Five questions with ... Bethany Mathis of Harrisburg

  • Bethany Mathis of Harrisburg

    Bethany Mathis of Harrisburg
    Kristin Moore photo

By Kristin Moore
Contributing writer
Posted on 2/23/2018, 1:00 AM

Q. President's Day was Monday, Feb. 19. Who is your favorite president and why?

My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. I think it is really interesting to learn about his life and his accomplishments as president.

Q. Another month, another mass killing at a school. What specific thing would you like to do to help keep kids safe?

I would love to raise awareness to the fact that something has to be done. I do not think it is a one-issue solution, but there are issues on all sides, including gun debate and mental health.

Q. Have you ever owned a pet that is not a dog or cat?

I did own a tarantula named Precious. I'm not a big pet person, so I liked it because I didn't have to show much attention.

Q. How much of the Olympics have you watched the last two weeks, and what is your favorite event?

I haven't had the chance to watch much of it, but I have caught some of the highlights. I always enjoy watching the figure skating.

Q. With the recent taste of spring-like weather, how much cleaning or organizing did you get done?

I did quite a bit of cleaning this last Monday. I had the day off, so I cleaned out my car, my kids' room, and my house. It's nice to have some warmer weather.