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Five questions with ... Shay Wood of Shawneetown

  • Shay Wood

    Shay Wood
    Courtesy of Facebook

By Shannon Welker
Contributing writer
updated: 7/16/2017 1:06 PM

Shay Wood of Shawneetown is a University Excellence Scholar at SIUC in the undergraduate psychology program, serving as a behavioral therapist and the Honors Program Vice President of Diversity and Cultural Experience. She holds a national championship in collegiate forensics.

Q. What is your take on North Korea's taunting of the United States by testing its nuclear capabilities and launching test missiles?

Wood: North Korea's nuclear technology and capabilities are not new information; however, it is a big development for a missile to be capable of reaching the US. We've all seen "War Games", and no one wins in a nuclear war, no matter who strikes first. I believe at this point it's crucial to negotiate with international countries and the United Nations to place sanctions on nuclear missiles to try to halt production and clear North Korea's perception that missiles are necessary.

Q. Is President Trump doing a great job as president?

Wood: From either side of the political spectrum, I believe President Trump is not doing a good job. Conservatives are disappointed in his inability to fulfill campaign promises, such as "draining the swamp" by filling his cabinet with businessmen and not "building that wall" or having a sufficient replacement to the ACA, as well as endless investigations on him and his cabinet, childlike Twitter rants, and dividing the Republican Party with extremist ideals. Liberals are disappointed in his division of the country as a whole and witnessing racist, xenophobic, misogynistic comments and policies toward fellow Americans and other nations. These actions, on top of discrediting the press, are all tactics that make a mockery of American ideals such as truth, justice, and democracy, which truly make America great.

Q. What is the most dangerous thing you ever did from a personal safety standpoint?

Wood: I'm not a thrill seeker, but I am really bad about multitasking and driving. Especially doing my makeup in the car on the way somewhere. Don't contour and drive, kids.

Q. Would you rather have plenty of money and no friends or plenty of friends and not so much money if given the option?

Wood: More money, more problems. Even though I'm more introverted, I've had the best times with friends doing something that was close to or completely free. Plus, if I had endless friends, I'm sure they'd lend me money if needed.

Q. Do you find yourself complaining more about the heat in the summer time or the cold in the winter time?

Wood: I'm always complaining about the heat. I LOVE winter. You can always throw on more layers to get warm in the winter, but there's only so much you can take away in the summer!