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One Eldorado teen hospitalized after wreck involving three students

By Travis DeNeal
updated: 1/9/2019 11:56 AM

ELDORADO -- One Eldorado High School junior remained in the hospital Monday after a car accident that injured three students on Saturday.

The community is rallying around the young men, EHS Superintendent Ryan Hobbs said Monday.

Juniors Joey Etienne, Nolan Milligan and Hunter Sizemore were in a car that was leaving the Eldorado McDonald's and attempting to cross lanes of traffic on Illinois 142.

A vehicle driving southbound was unable to avoid colliding with the car, authorities said.

Eldorado Police Chief Shannon Deuel said the driver of the car was taken by air ambulance to an Evansville, Indiana hospital. He did not know the extent of injuries to the Eldorado students, not did he identify which student was driving.

Hobbs said the school is doing what it can to help cope with the outcome of the wreck.

"The accident this weekend was an awful situation for all of the students and community," Hobbs said. "Our goal at the high school today was to make sure our students had access to any support they would need and also support the students and families involved in the accident."

He said other school districts also have offered support.

"It is amazing the number of local school districts that have reached out this morning to us offering help, prayers and support," Hobbs said.