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  • Jillian Crisp

    Jillian Crisp
    Courtesy of Carrier-Mills-Stonefort High School

Submitted by Carrier Mills- Stonefort High School
Posted on 9/20/2018, 7:40 PM

CARRIER MILLS -- The Carrier Mills-Stonefort High School senior of the week for Sept. 17 is Jillian Crisp.

Jillian was born on Dec. 3. Her best grade school memory was playing the part of Dianna Ross when she sang, "We Are the World."

Her favorite junior high memory was sitting at the lunch table with all of her friends, and her best high school memory was the time the volleyball team beat Massac County.

Jillian wants to be remembered as being a helpful, goofy senior, with good style.

Her favorite color is green, her favorite food is Mexican food, her favorite candy bar is a Reese's Cup, and her best friend is Kelsey.

Her favorite musician is Post Malone, her favorite song is "At Last" by Etta James, and her special talent is singing.

Jillian's words of wisdom are, "Have as much fun as you can. Make high school fun. You already have to be here for four years. You might as well have fun with it."