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Local men, Eldorado officer save life of man after tractor rollover

By Travis DeNeal
Posted on 8/1/2018, 9:58 AM

ELDORADO -- Eldorado Police Chief Shannon Deuel said two local men, along with an Eldorado Police Department officer, saved a man's life Monday after a tractor rolled over on him.

Deuel said his department received a call between about 11:30 to 11:45 a.m. Monday that reported a man was pinned under a tractor in a ditch near the west end of Franklin Street.

Deuel said the man, who police are not naming out of respect for his privacy, apparently was in the process of attaching an implement to the tractor when the tractor shifted, rolling over the man and pinning him.

Eldorado residents Rex Mcmillen and Doug Harner apparently saw the accident happen or were nearby, Deuel said. They immediately started working to lift the tractor. Eldorado officer Adam Stanley was the first police officer on the scene, and he jumped into help.

Deuel said the rescuers got the tractor lifted, then dragged the injured man out of the ditch.

The man was taken to Ferrell Hospital in Eldorado, and then taken by air ambulance to an Evansville hospital, Deuel said.

Deuel said the last he knew of the man's condition, he had extensive injuries to his pelvic area, along with internal injuries and a laceration on his head.

"I'd really like to let people know that Rex Mcmillen and Doug Harner, along with Officer Adam Stanley, did an excellent job," Deuel said. "They saved this guy's life."