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Bost sails to GOP renomination in 12th congressional district

  • Mike Bost

    Mike Bost

  • Preston Nelson

    Preston Nelson

updated: 3/20/2018 11:27 PM

Southern Illinois congressman Mike Bost won an easy primary victory Tuesday, and the Murphysboro Republican is now poised to face Democrat Brendan Kelly in the November general election.

With 100 percent of the vote counted in the 12th congressional district, Bost led Preston Nelson of Benton, 31,529 votes to 6,240 votes.

All vote totals are considered unofficial until they are canvassed.

Nelson, 27, cited military spending and foreign policy as his focus, while Bost said the major issue facing his constituents is jobs.

"As we generate new revenue by increasing the amount of people working, we take those investments and use them wisely," said Bost.

Citing ongoing threats from North Korea, Russia, and China, Bost said, "funding our military to the level it should be is of vital importance."

Bost also said that protecting agricultural subsidies, "that keep affordable food on people's tables" is a priority for southern Illinois.

"This is where experience comes in," said Bost, "understanding how the subsidies work to ensure people are fed and that trade is not affected."

Bost also said that his experience will help the veterans in his district. "A big population of my district is made up of veterans," he said. "My experience has put me in a position of being able to help our veterans."

Bost is chairman of the House subcommittee on disability assistance and memorial affairs and is a member of the oversight and investigations subcommittee.

Nelson said he and Bost ran clean campaigns, which he is proud of.

"If Brendan Kelly wins, I'll probably call and work for Mike," he laughed.

Besides Kelly, Bost will face Green Party candidate Randy Auxier in November. Auxier is a professor at SIU.