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Harrisburg High School Student of the Week

  • Bryleigh Buchanan

    Bryleigh Buchanan

Posted on 2/14/2018, 7:18 PM

Bryleigh Buchanan, a senior, is Harrisburg High School's Student of the Week.

She was recommended by Principal Scott Dewar.

"Bryleigh is an exceptional student and considered a leader in the school," Dewar said. "Bryleigh is a great student academically and athletically."

The best part about high school this year," Bryleigh said, is "achieving goals that I had set when I was a freshman and moving on to the next chapter in my life."

Right now, Bryleigh is most passionate about preparing for college. She plans to attend John A. Logan College to continue her academic and volleyball career.

In 10 years, Bryleigh said she sees herself having a job in the pharmacy field.

If the story of her life were filmed, Bryleigh said she would want Jennifer Lawrence to play her.