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Saline County mourns longtime dispatcher

By Travis DeNeal
updated: 2/2/2018 6:13 PM

SALINE COUNTY -- When Beverly Dudley, a longtime 911 dispatcher for Saline County, passed away early Thursday morning, county residents lost a well-loved and respected member the local emergency response system.

Saline County E911 Coordinator and Saline County Central Dispatch Director Tracy Felty said Dudley, who had worked as a dispatcher since 2005, will be missed by co-workers and by the community she served.

"She was someone who always came to work with a smile on her face. When you're a dispatcher, when people call 911, they're not having a good day. Dispatchers have to hear everything going on and respond accordingly, and it can wear you down," Felty said. "But Bev never let it show. She was strong."

When Dudley became ill, her co-workers wanted to help, Felty said, and raised about $11,000 through a benefit chili supper. A long list of local businesses donated many items for a silent auction to raise additional money, and additional funds were raised from raffling a Henry Golden Boy .22 rifle.

In addition, co-workers bought T-Shirts with a message of support for Dudley.

Felty said he was thankful for Dudley's many years of service to Central Dispatch, and said he was proud of fellow dispatchers who worked to raise money for Dudley.

"We're a family here. Our dispatchers take care of one another," Felty said.