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Official: Suspicious truck may be looking for package deliveries

Harrisburg Register staff report
updated: 2/2/2018 6:14 PM

SALINE COUNTY -- Saline County Chief Deputy Ken Clore wants to warn county residents to be on the lookout for a truck whose occupants may be stalking delivered packages.

According to Clore, the Saline County Sheriff's Office has received information of a suspicious black truck, with what appears to be a freezer in the back of the truck.

The vehicle has been reported to be following UPS and FedEx delivery trucks in the area.

Clore said according to those reports, the vehicle often shows up a few minutes after a UPS or FedEx truck has made a delivery. No reports of stolen items have been made to the sheriff's office, Clore said.

Residents are urged to keep track of package delivery times and dates, to have an alternative delivery location if they will not be home and to report any suspicious vehicles in their neighborhoods.