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'Extraordinary young ladies who will be deeply missed'

  • Alaysia Peacock, number 17, and Malaysia Peacock, number 11, in their softball uniforms.

    Alaysia Peacock, number 17, and Malaysia Peacock, number 11, in their softball uniforms.
    Courtesy of Harrisburg Middle School

By Travis DeNeal
updated: 2/2/2018 5:51 PM

HARRISBURG - Alaysia Peacock and her twin sister, Malaysia Peacock, were spirited, enthusiastic, kind and all-around good athletes and people, two of the girls' former coaches said.

Marty Nicholes, of Harrisburg, coached the twins the past two middle school basketball seasons, serving as head coach in 7th grade and assistant coach this year.

In the wake of their deaths in a house fire early Wednesday, Nicholes recalled two "sweet, well-mannered" young ladies with big personalities on and off the court.

"My heart breaks for them and their family," he said. "They had so much potential. Big and strong and extremely fast. The loved playing basketball, but were good at all the sports they played."

Nicholes said the girls loved cheering on the girls basketball team at Harrisburg High School and couldn't wait to play ball there next year.

"They were loud and fun and always wanted to lead the team when we brought it in as a group, especially when Coach (Kenny) McDaniel or I would ask for 'two claps and a Ric Flair.'

"That was their specialty. It will be impossible to ever forget about the twins."

McDaniel agreed that the Peacock sisters made a positive impact on their teams.

"I have never known two young ladies with this much personality to command attention by walking in a room," McDaniel said.

"Their presence in the gym would often set the tone of everyone present, whether they were down to business and getting the job done on the court or providing aid or support to an injured teammate.

"They were extraordinary young ladies who will be deeply missed.

"I hope St. Peter had the gates open because the Lord called them home and they are coming in."