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Harrisburg High School Student of the Week - Camden Schiff

  • Camden Schiff

    Camden Schiff

By Mary Layton
updated: 1/11/2018 7:29 PM

Senior Camden Schiff is Harrisburg High School's Student of the Week.

He was nominated by HHS Principal Scott Dewar.

"Camden is a well rounded, fantastic student academically, athletically and socially," he said. "He is respected by his peers and considered a leader. He is an asset to the high school."

The best part about high school, Camden said, is seeing how close the senior group has gotten and how friendships have strengthened.

Right now, Camden is passionate about "selecting the right college or university."

After high school, he plans on "going to college and hopefully majoring in international affairs."

In 10 years, Camden said he sees himself "graduating law school and starting a family."

And, if the story of his life were filmed, Camden said he would want Tom Hanks to play him.