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Harrisburg police make arrests in car burglaries

updated: 9/5/2017 2:59 PM

HARRISBURG -- Harrisburg Police Department recently arrested several people, with more arrests possible, after investigating a rash of car burglaries in the city.

"HPD officers have diligently worked hard and made several great arrests, which are linked to the recent wave of car burglaries," Police Chief David Morris said. "We have arrested several juveniles and adults involved in the burglaries with more arrests pending officers completing their investigations."

Morris had asked for the public's help earlier in the summer when a large number of car burglaries began to be reported, mostly in the south half of the city and occurring over numerous city blocks. Harrisburg residents responded, he said.

"With the cooperation of citizens and numerous citizens' reports, we have been led to the recovery of items and arrests," he said.

But, he asks that locals remain observant and vigilant.

"The Harrisburg Police Department still wants citizens to call and report any suspicious activity which seems out of sort, no matter how small they think it is," Morris said.

Harrisburg Mayor John McPeek praised both the police department and the city's residents for curbing the burglaries.

"Our citizens have been really helpful to the police department, calling in if they've seen something. We've been checking every single lead," McPeek said.

He also expressed concern that many juveniles have been involved.

He urged residents to be proactive in preventing crime.

"As mayor of Harrisburg, I ask that people keep their car doors locked and their houses locked," he said.