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Eldorado man part of Trump administration

  • David Blair

    David Blair

Posted on 1/24/2017, 6:51 PM

WASHINGTON – A former Eldorado man now works for the top office in the country, after being sworn in as a member of the Trump administration.

David Blair, a 2009 graduate of Eldorado High School, Southeastern Illinois College (2011) and Southern Illinois University Carbondale (2013), currently resides in Arlington, Va.

On Friday, Blair was sworn in as a confidential assistant in the office of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Prior to his appointment, he served as youth leadership school director for the Leadership Institute in Arlington. He also was a regional field coordinator and a field representative at the institute. Prior to that he was national director of Youth For Trump in New York.

Matt Lees, Southeastern Illinois College's social science division chairman and government and sociology instructor, said he's not surprised about Blair's new job.

"David always struck me as someone who was bright, articulate and passionate," Lees said Monday. "I could see him pursuing something in the public route. He's a people person, a lot like his dad."

Lees said seeing students like David Blair continue a career in the public eye is rewarding as an instructor.

"One of the great joys of this profession – and I've been doing it long enough that I see it more and more – is to see students go on and do great things," he said. "We also had Katie Pennell, who just finished up eight years as part of the Obama administration, and Jenny Pruitt, who is now an aide for (U.S. Rep.) John Shimkus, and very recently Dana Hooven was named a legislative aide to (State Sen.) Dale Fowler.

"It's so much fun that these students not only develop a passion for public service but then then go out and occupy these positions. It's an amazing thing."

Blair's father, Archie Blair, is currently the head archery coach and adjunct English instructor at SIC and had held a host of other positions at the college. For Archie, David's new position is more than just a job.

"I'm so very proud of my son and the important work he will be doing for our country," he said.

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