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East Side students pay it forward

By Travis DeNeal
Posted on 12/14/2016, 10:12 AM

HARRISBURG – Taking a cue from a local bank, East Side School student council members recently found a way to give back to the community after they received a gift.

Student council members received funding toward a poster-sized printer, which will allow events at the school to be publicized more visibly than a regular-sized piece of paper, Student Council sponsor and 5th grade teacher Katie Berry said.

The printer funds were donated by Farmers State Bank of Harrisburg, which has an ongoing campaign of "Pay it Forward," meaning if someone does something nice for a person, that person then should do a good deed for someone else.

After Farmers donated, student council members decided to conduct a food drive just prior to Thanksgiving to help local families.

"The response was amazing," Berry said. "It was surprising just how much food these kids were able to get donated."

So much food, in fact, that after providing for at least eight complete Thanksgiving dinners, additional baskets of food were prepared to give away, plus even more food was donated to a local food pantry.

Jason Roper, a Special Programs teacher at East Side and assistant Student Council sponsor, said he was grateful for both the generosity of a local business and the students who took the "Pay it Forward" lesson to heart.

"These kids really went above and beyond what was expected of them," Roper said. "They really did a great job. And, we appreciate what Farmers State Bank did for them."

He said the bank's theme fit in with the school's Positive Behavior Intervention System "Cool Tool", which also is Pay it Forward.

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