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Harrisburg schools, park district locking up field use for 10 years

Staff Writer
Posted on 8/19/2016, 4:34 PM

The Harrisburg school and park districts are on the verge of a long-term agreement that will keep the school district's baseball and softball teams playing at Paul Emery Park for years to come.

Harrisburg varsity softball and baseball, junior varsity baseball and junior high baseball and softball all play on the two Emery Park fields, 921 W. Poplar St., which are owned and maintained by the Harrisburg Township Park District.

Harrisburg Unit District 3 pays $950 per season for each high school sport using the fields, and $700 per season for each middle school sport.

According to Harrisburg Unit District 3 Superintendent Michael Gauch, the park district is offering a 10-year agreement. The first five years would be at the same rates, and then the rates would be open to renegotiation for the final five years of the contract.

Park district Director Ron Emery added the school district has agreed to make a $9,000 donation to the park district for ongoing improvements to Center Field in Emery Park.

Corresponding Writer Jon Sternberg contributed to this report.