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EHS hosts FFA Ag Forum.

Staff Writer
Posted on 2/24/2016, 9:40 AM

Each year, Future Farmers of America chapters around the country celebrate National FFA Week and chapter 25 is no different.

Members of the Southern Illinois Chapter of FFA came together Tuesday for an FFA Ag Forum, in order to recognize those who have been made a difference in agriculture in recent years.

"FFA is all about helping people, if you have an interest in farming or agriculture you should be in FFA," said Gallatin County Varsity President, Hannah Doerr.

The week-long tradition began in 1947 when the National FFA Board of Directors designated the week of George Washington's birthday as National FFA Week in recognition of his legacy as an agriculturist and farmer. The first National FFA Week was held in 1948. Today, FFA Week always runs Saturday to Saturday and encompasses Feb. 22, Washington's birthday. National FFA Week did not start out as a week-long event. At first it was National FFA Day.

To commemorate the event Eldorado High School held a gathering of Southern Illinois Chapter 25 FFA officers and invited farmers from their local community to be a part of the celebration.

Legence Bank and American Farm Mortgage and Financial Services sponsored the event and provided cookies and milk for snacks.

The group invited Doug Winter, Director on the United Soybean Board, to speak at the event. Winter shared insight into the soybean world and shared a lot about where the industry is headed.

According to Winter, soybeans are used for many different recourses including soy foam used in Ford truck construction, soy ink which is used more commonly than other inks, and building adhesive which provides a more economic means of fusing particleboards.

Representatives from Legence Bank took the floor, after Winter had concluded, to challenge the members present of their knowledge about FFA.

Each correctly answered question was rewarded with a prize such as ball caps, miniature commemorative baseball bats, Legence calendars and a few agriculture books.

Leaders within the FFA organization were also celebrated and honored for what they do.

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the agriculture industry," said Legence Representative, Olivia Bradley.

Students were encouraged to enter an essay contest sponsored by Legence Bank. The essay is to answer the question, how would you shape the future of agriculture?

Not only does Legence offer an essay contest, but encouraged the students to take part in their agriculture parody video contest as well. Each of the contest winners will receive money prizes.

Legence also offers many scholarships and intern programs that the FFA members can take advantage of.