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Z Factor opens its doors.

Staff Writer
Posted on 2/23/2016, 4:57 PM

Saturday morning the new Harrisburg business finally opened its doors to the public with amazing numbers.

Z Factor, Harrisburg's newest family attraction has been the buzz for many months now. The event space is definitely something for the whole family.

The 30,000-square foot operation"s two main indoor activities include a 12,000 square foot trampoline area and a 3,800 square foot synthetic ice-skating rink.

A paintball area that includes a 7,000-square foot outdoor field used in the warmer months, and an indoor shooting gallery so players can stay on their game during the winter season, as well as its own private party room. The paintball area has plans to open in March.

The operation was originally slated to open in December but met with a few shipping delays and construction snags, so staff moved the opening date to sometime in mid-January. But date got moved again when the business met a few code and zoning issues that required changing the restrooms, which were finished just in time for the private event hosted Friday evening.

The trampoline area alone provides volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and foam pit play. For those parents with small children, a smaller, more kid-friendly area will keep them away from the rougher play.

The adult area will also house a "theater room," with a projection screen for viewing sporting events and other programming.

Opening day was a productive one as Z Factor hosted four private parties that put the staff to the test right off the bat.

"We have had people asking to book parties from as far away as Carbondale," Craig said. "There are a lot of places that provide one or two of the services we offer, but we have a one stop shop."

Packages and pricing are not yet finalized, but interested people can get an idea by visiting their Facebook page or website at or