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Woman seeks to help her beloved church.

Staff Writer
Posted on 2/12/2016, 9:43 AM

Local woman has set out to help restore her local church by celebrating Black History Month.

Charlette Taborn, who is a member of the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church located on Walnut St. in Harrisburg, has organized a celebration of Black History Month and plans to use the early morning breakfast to help raise money to reopen the doors of her beloved church.

"Our church has always been a church where every body is somebody," Taborn said.

Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church was one of the first Black churches in Harrisburg that Rev. Richard Price oversaw. It was organized in a little cabin a short distance from the city limits in 1880.

He was believed to be one of the first Black ministers to begin a church organization in this part of Saline County.

The church, in 1896, was originally located at the corner of Church and Main streets and was purchased for around $400.

In 1921, the congregation decided to build a new edifice and moved to their present location on Walnut Street under the supervision of the Rev. W.M. Graves.

The church no longer holds services, but many of its members are eager to see the doors reopen one day. The building is in need of repair and can't hold services until the repairs are made. Taborn is hoping that this breakfast will help make that a reality.

"Mt. Pleasant was always active in the community," Taborn said. "We were one of the churches that opened its doors and kitchen during the flood of 1937."

Taborn, who just recently spearheaded a celebration of life ceremony for Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Harrisburg Public Library, hopes to continue to bless and support the community of Harrisburg.

In past years, the breakfast -- to be held Monday -- was held in conjunction with the King Jr. celebration.

This year the two events were separated after much support from the past years attendees.

Taborn would like to invite the community to enjoy a good old-fashioned breakfast, starting at 8:30 a.m. on Monday at the Harris-Pruett Building in Harrisburg.

There will be a devotion shared by Rev. Ronnie Williams and some words of welcome from Mayor Fowler.

Community members will offer singing and readings; door prizes will be available, too.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to the restoration of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church is welcome to do so during the breakfast.

Info: Please contact Charlotte Taborn at 926-4916