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Words on the wall lead to school closings.

Staff Writer
Posted on 2/11/2016, 11:34 AM

Late Tuesday evening the faculty at Harrisburg Middle School discovered something written on the wall that would later lead to a "snow day" for all of Harrisburg schools.

Staff at the middle school at approximately 10 p.m. discovered, what they say, was a bomb threat written on the wall of a bathroom door.

"All issues of this nature are difficult to manage. What I always fall back on is the safety of children," said Mike Gauch, Superintendent for Harrisburg District 3. "I have children in this district and I will never put students in any environment that I am not comfortable putting my own children in as well."

After lengthy discussion with local authorities Gauch decided that he would like to bring in the State Police Bomb Task force and their dogs to sweep the middle school.

"The safety and well being of the students in this district are my # 1 priority. I apologize for the inconvenience this caused, but will always error on the side of safety," Gauch Said.

The task force units arrived at the school from the Springfield area around 3:30 a.m. Once on site Gauch decided it best to search all of the buildings to ensure the safety of the students and faculty.

Due to the lengthy investigation Gauch was forced to cancel school for Wednesday.

All searches of the District 3 buildings are complete and staff were given the all clear. School district returned to their normal schedule this morning.

"We will vigorously investigate this issue and try and find the responsible party. Authorities have been very helpful all night and will be a presence in the district as we return to school tomorrow," Gauch said.