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State repays portion to Saline County.

Staff Writer
Posted on 2/9/2016, 4:17 PM

With the Illinois budget impasse, many county and city governments throughout the state are suffering from financial strains, but Saline County is seeing some relief.

In December, Mike Henshaw, Saline County state's attorney, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the county against Constance Beard, the state revenue director, and Leslie Geissler-Munger, the state's comptroller, to recoup funds owed since July.

"Under the law it is what is called a 'continuing appropriation,'" said Jayson Clark, assistant state's attorney. "A budget is not required, it is on-going."

One small victory has taken place and the state recently paid Saline County $105,030.29 in required statutory reimbursements for the salaries of the state's attorney, public defender, and supervisor of assessments for the 2015 calendar year.

The state has not yet made its January reimbursement to the county, but Henshaw says the county treasurer has transmitted the invoice for those reimbursements.

Henshaw has received word from the state attorney general's office indicating that the state intends to make all future payments.

At this time, Henshaw plans to wait and see if the state makes good with its promise and reimburses the county before he will consider dismissing the lawsuit.