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Matters of Faith: Abandon your excuses; let God show you He is real

  • Pastor Kent Eaton

    Pastor Kent Eaton

By Pastor Kent Eaton
Second Baptist Church of Du Quoin
Posted on 4/20/2018, 1:00 AM

What do you say to the person who simply will not believe in the power and love of God?

They may say something like Thomas, one of the 12 disciples: "Unless I see the holes in his hands and put my finger in the place of the nails, I will not believe."

I've had people say to me personally, "I need to see God send fire down from heaven, I need to actually hear the audible voice of God speak to me before I will believe." They usually follow this up with, "I can't believe in God when I see so much hate, murder and abuse in the world."

Then they follow up with, "I can't believe in a God who would give a child cancer." I think they actually believe that the Lord intentionally wills cancer on a child.

No doubt there is much suffering and pain along with many atrocities across the globe. However, we are not improving the situation by complacently hiding behind excuses and not calling on the power of Jesus -- who can actually do something about it.

Yes, we live in a fallen world in which corrupt people commit heinous acts of evil. Since man disobeyed God's command, we have been fully exposed to all the hate and sickness that is in the universe, but we have also been fully exposed to all the love and healing that is in the universe as well.

Why doesn't God just fix everything?

Have you thought that logic all the way through? If God just fixed everything in the world and in our lives on a regular basis, where would our faith be? You and I would get used to God fixing everything and eventually we would expect him to be the "Almighty Fixer."

Then if God didn't fix everything the way we wanted Him to and when we wanted Him to, we would get angry and resentful. We would lose honor and respect for the Lord, like the child who throws a fit when Dad doesn't fix his broken toys.

I think the Lord wants to have a relationship with us built on trust, love and appreciation, just like with His disciples. Then He shows us that He can fix broken hearts and restore broken lives as we trust Him.

The cynic can't believe because he or she sees murder, hate and sickness.

Well, I do believe because I see love, peace and healing.

By the way, God did send fire down from heaven multiple times in Exodus 3, 13, I Kings 18, Acts 2. God did speak in an audible voice to Moses, Abraham, the prophets and at the baptism of Jesus. The walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

God has sent the fire, His voice, victories and healings. If you don't believe all the evidence by now, then you won't believe even if someone came back from the dead, Luke 16:31. Don't you think it's about time to quit hiding behind all the excuses of why you don't believe? Are you brave enough to give the Lord an opportunity to show you that He is real? He would like to have a personal relationship with you and show you the power of change.

It's time for old excuses to pass away and new faith to begin.

• Matters of Faith is organized each week by the Du Quoin Ministerial Association.