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St. John, Gilbaut grad receives doctorate

  • John L. Sullivan

    John L. Sullivan

updated: 1/25/2018 6:12 PM

John L. Sullivan, received his Doctor of Educational Ministry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Sullivan is a 1992 graduate from Chester's St. John's Lutheran School, and 1996 graduate from Gibault Catholic High

School. He received his bachelor's in music in 2000 from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, his masters in Christian music in 2003 from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his master's in music performance in 2004 from Illinois State University.

He is married to Beth (Marshall), and they have three children, Wyatt, Cooper, and Kate. His parents are Eugene and Patsy Sullivan, of Ellis Grove.

He is currently serving as pastor of Worship & Missions at Main St. Baptist Church in Georgetown, Texas.