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Harrisburg Students of the Week

  • Harlie Smith

    Harlie Smith

  • Colton Langley

    Colton Langley

By Mary Layton
updated: 11/21/2017 5:20 PM

Harlie Smith

Harlie, 18, is a senior at Harrisburg High School.

"Harlie is a well-rounded student academically, athletically and socially," said Principal Scott Dewar, who nominated her for Student of the Week. "She is respected by her peers and considered a leader."

The best part of high school this year, Harlie said, is that she is enjoying her senior year with all of her friends in the senior class.

Right now, she is passionate about preparing for college and getting a job.

In college, Harlie said she hopes to study fashion or pediatric medicine.

If the story of her life were made into a film, Harlie said she would want Blake Lively or Mila Kunis to play her.

Colton Russell Langley

Colton, 8, is a third-grader at East Side Intermediate School.

He was nominated for Student of the Week by his teacher, Brooke Robertson.

"Colton always is very polite and mannerly," she said. "He is helpful to other students. He enjoys learning and school. He has a positive attitude."

Colton's favorite subject to study in school is art because he enjoys drawing.

Outside of school, Colton likes playing sports (football, basketball and baseball) with his friends and watching YouTube.

"Unstoppable" is his favorite book, and he likes "The Fast and the Furious" film series. His favorite TV shows are "Raven's Home," "The Loud House" and "SpongeBob."

When he grows up, Colton said, "I will play football in the NFL after college, After the NFL, I will be a YouTuber."

Out of all the superheroes, Colton said he is most like the Hulk.

"He's usually calm and quiet and does his work," Colton said. "But if he gets mad, he turns green and tears things up. When I get mad, the devil controls me."