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What do we love about living in Saline County?

  • George Spriet of Eldorado.

    George Spriet of Eldorado.

  • Kevin York of Harrisburg.

    Kevin York of Harrisburg.

  • Brenda Carter of Eldorado.

    Brenda Carter of Eldorado.

  • Samantha Winters, who works at the Galatia post office.

    Samantha Winters, who works at the Galatia post office.

  • Audra Weeding of Galatia.

    Audra Weeding of Galatia.

  • Jeremy Irlbeck with his son, Jordan, of Harrisburg.

    Jeremy Irlbeck with his son, Jordan, of Harrisburg.

  • Rhonda Dunn of Stonefort.

    Rhonda Dunn of Stonefort.

  • Ben Evans and his girlfriend, Stephani Lovelady.

    Ben Evans and his girlfriend, Stephani Lovelady.

  • Jon, Juanita, Jordan and Jonathan Fricks of Raleigh.

    Jon, Juanita, Jordan and Jonathan Fricks of Raleigh.

  • Harley Nicolas Cofield of Carrier Mills.

    Harley Nicolas Cofield of Carrier Mills.

Interviews and photos by Shannon Welker
updated: 6/16/2017 10:45 AM

George Spriet of Eldorado

I am originally from Chicago but have lived here the for the last four years. I really like the way things are laid back and the people are friendly. If you wave, they will wave back.

Kevin York of Harrisburg

Probably my favorite thing about southern Illinois is the countryside. I love being able to go out hunting and fishing and enjoy nature. That's the biggest thing for me.

Brenda Carter of Eldorado

We love holding dinners at the house and it's easy to get ingredients at Big John's. I grew up in Hamilton County and moved to Saline when I was in eighth grade. This has been home for 56 years. Cities are nice to visit, but the air is much cleaner here. It's always nice to come home.

Samantha Winters,

Galatia post office

I think the majority of people are friendly. I've been in bigger cities and they are nowhere near as friendly as there are down here. We are in the middle of nowhere but love to go four-wheeling and hiking. We particularly like to visit Garden of the Gods.

Audra Weeding of Galatia

I guess the people. Everywhere I go I know somebody. I like the simple life, just working in my yard and playing with my dog. I was born and raised here and spent almost all of my life here. It's just home.

Jeremy Irlbeck of Harrisburg

I think the people are pretty nice and the scenery is good. We like to go to Garden of the Gods and check out the natural waterfalls and rivers that are all over the area.

Rhonda Dunn of Stonefort

Oh golly! There are lovely trails for biking and hiking. We live right by the bike trail in Stonefort and definitely take advantage of it. The local ball fields are great, too. Really, there are a lot of things to see! Sometimes, after a heavy rain, the water falls in the ditches enough to go kayaking.

Ben Evans of Raleigh

It's where my family lives. We farm together and raise cattle. I just finished building a house and putting up a horse barn. There are awesome places to go trail riding! We also like to go boating on Rend Lake and the Ohio River. Plus, the climate is nice in the spring, fall and winter. I don't plan on moving anywhere.

Jon Fricks of Raleigh

I met my wife here 29 years ago while attending SIC. We have been married for 28 years and have lived most of it here. We moved away for college, but came back because we love southern Illinois. My family and I are very outdoorsy people. We enjoy hunting and fishing and just spending time in nature. There are excellent places to visit in the Shawnee National Forest such as Garden of the Gods, Stone Face, and Glen O. Jones Lake. We also have family and friends here which makes it home all the more.

Harley Nicolas Cofield

of Carrier Mills

Southern Illinois has some really beautiful nature spots worth exploring and photographing. All that nature holds a wonderful peace to it and is definitely worth immersing yourself in.