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Former Harrisburg basketball standout Capel Henshaw reflects on his career at Lewis University

By Michael Dann
updated: 3/2/2017 1:53 PM

There will be time for reflection and when that time comes, Capel Henshaw knows exactly where his mind will take him.

Henshaw, a senior at Lewis University, will be a part of this week's GLVC Championship Tournament at the Ford Center in Evansville, when the Flyers face Quincy in the quarterfinals (today) Thursday.

What's meant to be will be for Henshaw, who's moment of clarity, he said, came in the second semester of his senior year at  the Romeoville College where his attention quickly shifted from on the court to off the court.

" For me, when I started organized basketball to now, I'd like to say I don't have many regrets as far as work ethic goes. I worked my hardest from beginning to end and that day when the time comes and the last game is over I think it will be a reflection period where I just think about how it all started and the process that went along with it. My parents played a big role, especially my dad. I'll think about when I first started going to high school practices with my dad and all the camps we went to together. That's what I'm going to remember the most."

Henshaw, who is Harrisburg High School's all-time school scoring leader with 1,884 points, has played in all 29 games this year for the Flyers, averaging 19 minutes a contest. He's shooting 36 percent from the field, 30 percent from 3-point range and 86 percent from the free throw line. Henshaw is averaging 5.4 points per game with two rebounds and one assist per contest. He currently has a total of 158 points in his final season.

His four years at Lewis could be best described as interesting, but Henshaw elected to go with unforgettable as his adjective.

"It's definitely been a fun ride and a lot of ups and downs a long the way. I don't think I would change anything. I met a bunch of great people and the experience was great."

About those ups and downs, Henshaw said there is always an adjustment period.

Take this year for example, Lewis had seven new guys come into the program. As for Henshaw, certain things never materialized like he had hoped.

"Everything was an adjustment," Henshaw said. "Moving away from home was one of the biggest, that probably took two years to get used to, but I met a lot of people, made a lot of friendships that it is now easier to be up here and some of the experiences I have gone through have changed my mindset as far as future opportunities are concerned.

"It has allowed me to look at the bigger picture of things besides basketball and those connections I have made a long the way are going to only help me down the road."

Henshaw is majoring in Sports Management at Lewis, where he is currently carrying a 3.78 GPA.

Putting the student in student-athlete has been one of the easier transitions for Henshaw, who said after college, he plans to pursue a job in the Chicago land area, unless grad school comes calling.

This past summer, Henshaw was an intern at the Bo Jackson Elite Sports Camp in Lockport, where a majority of Henshaw's time was spent with strength and conditioning specialist. Later in the fall, the camp called and hired Henshaw where he ran his own youth strength and conditioning classes.

"The people I have met have allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and be more intentional as far as future job opportunities. That's one thing I'm going to take away from here. School was an easier adjustment and I think a lot of that is because of the great professors here in my major that have mentored me and got me to speak out more. Like I said, when you get out of that comfort zone and explore new things, you learn a lot about yourself. I'm really happy with my choice of Lewis as far as academics are concerned."

On the court this year, Henshaw was named a team captain and using that leadership off the court is where Henshaw really believes he will excel.

Also, on the court, reality is starting to set in that this could be the last time Henshaw is on the hardwood.

"It started to hit me the second semester that I'm going to have to move on to bigger and better things," Henshaw said. "It's definitely going to be a lifestyle change, when you build your life and daily activities around basketball. One of the biggest things will be not being an athlete and not having the time schedule and commitments. I'm definitely going to be sad when its over."

With sadness comes happiness and Henshaw said of the many memories he made while at Lewis was the GLVC Championship Lewis won last season.

"It's hard to top that conference championship we had my junior year," he said. "That was a special group with guys that are some lifelong friends. And it's something from Lewis that I will be talking about 30 or 40 years from now.

"Just to go along with that, the family support that I have had along the way was unbelievable and the long hours that people spent driving to my games really means a lot."

Michael Dann covers prep and college sports for the Harrisburg Daily Register and Eldorado Daily Journal. Follow him on Twitter: @spydieshooter.