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SWIMMING: Indians complete fifth straight unbeaten season

Doug Daniels
Posted on 7/20/2015, 3:27 PM

For five straight summers, no team has out-pointed the Swimming Indians in the pool during a regular season meet, as Du Quoin crushed Marion 416-281 last Thursday to head into this Saturday's Southern Illinois Swim League Championships on a high note.

Maddax Thompson was one of seven Indians to sweep all three of their individual races, and he broke the team record in the boys 7-8 25 meter breaststroke which had stood for 22 years. Thompson's 22.18 put him well under the 22.96 swam by Nick Hill back in 1993. Thompson also won his 25m freestyle and breaststroke races.

Malik Jones (boys 9-10; butterfly, 25m freestyle, backstroke), Adalyn Darnell (girls 9-10; butterfly, individual medley, breaststroke), Paxton Higgerson (boys 13-14; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke), Olivia Cravens (girls 13-14; butterfly, backstroke, 100m freestyle), Meesha Montgomery (girls 11-12; 50m freestyle, IM, 100m freestyle) and Amelia McLain (girls 13-14; 50m freestyle, IM, breaststroke) were the other six Du Quoin swimmers to go three-for-three last Thursday.

Winners of two events for the Indians included Kallie Oestreicher (girls 7-8; butterfly, breaststroke), Makoa Montgomery (girls 11-12; butterfly, backstroke), Bryson McClanahan (boys 6 & under; freestyle, backstroke), Mikah Montgomery (girls 7-8; 25m freestyle, 50m freestyle), Henry Harsy (boys 9-10; IM, 50m freestyle), Rylan Ragar (boys 15-18; IM, backstroke) and Haley Kuhnert (girls 15-18; IM, breaststroke).

The rest of the Du Quoin swimmers to win a solo event against Marion were Kelby Funk (girls 6 & under; freestyle), Quinn Kirkpatrick (girls 15-18; 50m freestyle), Mckenzie Eaton (girls 6 & under; backstroke), Haylee Crow (girls 7-8; backstroke), J.J. VanZandt (boys 7-8; 50m freestyle), Payton Wood (boys 11-12; 100m freestyle), Nicolas King (boys 15-18; 100m freestyle), Jakob Eaton (boys 9-10; breaststroke), Lauren Heape (girls 11-12; breaststroke) and Samuel Manning (boys 15-18; breaststroke).

Fourteen Indians relay squads won at Marion. Complete results of all top four finishers for Du Quoin appear in the list on the scoreboard page.

The SISL Championships are this Saturday at the Du Quoin Municipal Pool.